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Boasting the benefits and aesthetics of a custom indoor plant wall but with a self-contained water system, this modular living wall is easily installed with the option to relocate. A vertical garden system that's flexible and sustainable without high maintenance costs.

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Biotile™ Technology™

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Explore a variety of projects to see what’s possible with living walls – from interior to exterior environments and freestanding to custom installations.


Discover the wide-reaching benefits of living walls from physical health and mental wellness to noise reduction and air purification.


Learn about biophilic design and the process behind this advanced living system from irrigation to installation to maintenance.

Living walls - depending on size, density and environmental factors - can reduce sound indoors by an average of 15 decibels; the difference between a vacuum cleaner (75dBA) and a lawn mower (90 dBA).

-Applied Acoustics

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