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Richard Kincaid on Launching a Living Garden Walls Company

"As a strategic leader with a background in real estate, Richard Kincaid drives the firm's mission of bringing a sense of well-being, purpose, and beauty to commercial and residential spaces across the globe."


"The firm creates interior products that are resource-efficient and healthful due to their main material: natural foliage. Once such product, Flourish, is a free-hanging living wall of tropical greenery designed to energize interiors with natural beauty and wellness."

Design Dispatch

"The Chicago firm contracts with horticulturists and engineers around the globe to install living walls, which are planted in Biotiles, patented tiles that use Rockwool (fibers created by combining rock and chalk at high heat) instead of soil."

Growth Opportunity

"Living plant walls are nothing new, but thanks to Nathan Beckner, West Loop-based firm Sagegreenlife has grown into the city's standout sources for the trend, having recently evolved from a manufacturer to a full-service design firm."

Here's your sneak peek at Materials Pavilion's massive collection of curated materials

"At NeoCon 2019, interiors+sources will proudly host its 10th annual Materials Pavilion located in Chicago’s theMart. The 1800-square-foot space will hold the publication’s richest collection of curated materials to date."

The Plant Whisperer

The Plant Whisperer

The Plant Whisperer

"Nathan Beckner's "living walls" appear in both public and private spaces, including Onward restaurant in Rogers Park and Illinois Masonic Hospital in Lakeview. "I make each strong enough to  look like an art piece," he says."

"Nathan Beckner's "living walls" appear in both public and private spaces, including Onward restaurant in Rogers Park and Illinois Masonic Hospital in Lakeview. "I make each strong enough to  look like an art piece," he says."

Nurturing Nature with Architecture

"When he bought a 5,000-square-foot penthouse in theRiver North neighborhood, he hired a Chicago-based living-wall company called Sagegreenlife to custom design a wall in his living room, something that cost about $190 a square foot. Now he sits and looks at it every day. “I am much happier,” he says."

Bringing Living Walls to Life

"Sagegreenlife elevates the art of plant design. Whether it's the lush swaths of chartreuse greens and deep purples that make up the living wall in Tishman Speyer or the intricate pattern in the Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center, you've seen the work of biophilic design and lifestyle company, Sagegreenlife."

New and Noteworthy: 7 Recent Awards, Retrospectives and Partnerships

"Workplace furnishings company Coalesse recently announced new partnerships with Sagegreenlife, Carl Hansen & Son, Viccarbe, and EMU. The four companies bring fresh ideas to the table, such as bioliphic partitions from Sagegreenlife."

6 Plants That Can Help Lower Your Stress Levels

"The aromatics and essential oils produced by the foliage in this floral encourage your body to produce serotonin, which is attributed to feelings of well-being and happiness," explained Nathan Beckner, lead plant designer and horticulturist at Sagegreenlife.​"

How to Hack the Open Office

"There are other similar products like Sagegreenlife’s Verdanta Collection which features the Productivity wall that has plants on one side, and on the other a blackboard or whiteboard."

Tips From The Top: One On One With Richard Kincaid

"We have the most advanced living wall products on the market, and what drives me each and every day is knowing that we sell products of integrity that make the world a better place."

Specification Review: Six Factors to Consider When Selecting Living Walls

"Similar to felt or wool acoustical panels, living walls can provide remarkable levels of sound absorption, says Nathan Beckner, lead plant designer at Chicago-based custom living wall manufacturer Sagegreenlife."

"The 2019 Passport Class companies are marketplaces, services and solutions using technologies, like blockchain and artificial intelligence, to help progress 100+ year old industries. Sagegreenlife (—Chicago, IL: Green living walls for greater spaces, places and life."

Moderne Ventures Announces Its Newest Passport Class

Best Indoor Green Wall

"He contacted Nathan Beckner of the award-winning Sagegreenlife, and the seeds for a living wall were planted. Working with BOX to seamlessly integrate the wall with the home’s modern design elements, Beckner carefully selected each plant species to create a lush pattern of layers and depth."

What is biophilic design and why are we seeing it everywhere?

“'As with any other design decision, it comes down to functionality, aesthetics and budget—balancing those three is what good designers do best,' Nathan Beckner, horticulturist and lead plant designer at Sagegreenlife."

4 Workplace Products that Embrace Biophilic Design

"An award-winning collaboration with Gensler, Sagegreenlife’s Verdanta living-wall series includes Productivity, a moveable divider that can hold up to 120 live plants on one side and a dry-erase surface on the other."

Living walls become more commonplace as people seek biophilic spaces

"This inclusion of living walls is part of the larger movement for more biophilic designs.'Right now, I think it’s more prevalent than ever,' says Nathan Beckner, horticulturist and lead plant designer at Sagegreenlife, based in Chicago, Illinois."

Duet Living Partition by Sagegreenlife

"Designed in a collaboration with Gensler, the Duet Living Partition is an eye-catching, modular living wall system that uses a patented hydroponic (soil-free), non-decaying technology. "

Sagegreenlife & Coalesse Announce Alliance

"Today Sagegreenlife, a leader in the design and manufacture of interior and exterior living green walls, and Coalesse, creator of furnishings for the modern workplace that bring new life to work, announced a new alliance designed to enliven the workplace with living walls."

Plant-filled Portable Wall Brings Wellness to the Workplace

"Sagegreenlife has expanded its Verdanta product line consisting of plant-filled portable walls and partitions designed to bring wellness to the workplace."

Specifying Green Walls: Bringing Indoor Environments to Life

"Sagegreenlife is committed to designing healthy, sustainable and aesthetically captivating spaces. With an array of design capabilities, Sagegreenlife is at the forefront of the green design industry."

Chicago Living Design Company Brings Walls to Life

"Installations (spotted locally at venues like BellyQ, Left Coast, and Lou Malnati’s) can be customized for both indoor and outdoor spaces alike."

Bring Life to Your Office with Living Walls

"Sagegreenlife has been growing and evolving in the biophilic design sphere, much like the visually stunning and sustainable living wall installations it creates."

How to Beat the Winter Blues at Work

"Sagegreenlife’s Verdanta collection of living green walls and office partitions are portable, easy-to-maintain, and ideal for bringing a little green into your office or home workstation during the winter months."

New Player In Living Walls Brings Outside Inside

"Sagegreenlife is bringing living walls to a growing market with new technologies that allow people to bring the outside inside."

Coalesse and Sagegreenlife: Working Towards Better Office Life

"In honor of Earth Day and in light of the rapidly growing trend of biophilic design, Coalesse

Sagegreenlife and Forward Space celebrated green living in the workplace..." 

Optimize Productivity by Designing for Health and Wellness

"Emerging workplace research highlights how plants and living walls have positive effects on problem-solving skills, ideation, and creativity, adding incredible benefits to the Habits at Work space in the form of increased quality output.”

Partition Is Composed of Plant Life

"A Verdanta panel boasts 240 plants, each meticulously selected, placed and grown by Sagegreenlife’s horticultural design experts prior to installation in a client’s space."

"At Sagegreenlife, a designer of living walls and interior decor products based here, the emphasis is on integrating three elements: design, nature and technology."

More Buildings Are Going Green. Literally.

"Biophilic’ designs incorporate elements of nature both outside and inside. It’s aesthetically pleasing—and makes people feel, and perform, better."

New & Noteworthy: Build a [Green] Wall

"The demand for and benefits of biophilia and foliage has precipitated an alliance between Coalesse and 

Sagegreenlife's Verdanta line of custom, on-demand, built-in living wall products."

Built-In Living Wall

"The customizable living wall provides improved air quality, noise control and can attach to any structural plane including columns and curved surfaces indoors and outside."

 Sagegreenlife's Verdanta Collection Wins 2018 Architizer A+ Award

"The Verdanta Collection won the jury selection for exceeding excellence in form, function and innovation in the Roofs category."

How to Specify Green Walls

"In order to help architects enliven their future projects with green walls, we spoke with Zachary Smith, Senior Marketing Manager at specialist green wall manufacturer Sagegreenlife."


"Thousands of i+s readers voted on their favorites from this year’s Sources, and we heard you loud and clear. The following are the picks for top products from industry leaders in architectural..."

Going Green

“Being in the presence of an architectural element formed entirely of greenery, well, makes you feel good.”

Off the Wall 

"Nathan Beckner, a horticulturist and designer for Chicago-based green wall-design firm Sagegreenlife gives us the lowdown on going green and no-fail flora."

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