Frequently Asked Questions

With proper care, the plants live their natural lifespan. We recommend purchasing a plant care program contract with Sagegreenlife or a certified affiliate to assure longevity. With a contract through Sagegreenlife, we also provide plant replacement.
Sagegreenlife offers a complete plant care program that provides frequent visits to check the plants and the irrigation system. For interior walls, all maintenance plans also include a plant replacement guarantee.
We select from a variety of tropical foliage and ferns for their beauty and hardiness. The species will differ in an interior vs. exterior environment as well as by location for outside climates (e.g. Southwest vs. Northeast). We have expert horticulturists on staff that design each living wall project and select the appropriate species.
One of the key advantages of our living wall system is that the growing medium, Rockwool, is made of layers of inert basalt rock fiber, which are not habitable for insects.