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In a world where sustainability and green space is a growing priority, Sagegreenlife is building a better quality of life through biophilic design. As leaders in the movement, Sagegreenlife creates seamless connections to nature in the places we live, work and play.

Our team of horticulturists, engineers and innovative minds design, manufacture and install living walls fit to scale any environment. With more than 300 installations across the globe, our patented hydroponic technology and resource-efficient system excels in indoor and outdoor environments, during all four seasons, to foster creativity and increase wellbeing.

Sagegreenlife living walls help humans thrive, from reducing stress and improving air quality to enhancing productivity and enabling people to feel healthier, engaged and inspired. Nature is our partner, in the truest sense of the word.


Founded in 2010 by former Equity Office CEO, Richard Kincaid, Sagegreenlife has developed sophisticated intellectual property and garnered industry-wide recognition for its advanced technology and visually stunning designs.

Recognizing the global shift toward wellness and harnessing the increasing momentum of biophilia, Kincaid leveraged his robust business acumen and decades in real estate development to start a living wall company that is transforming the built environment. In launching this venture, he sought to help people and companies bring the benefits of plant life – aesthetic, biological and psychological – to their spaces.

Now an industry resource and award-winning provider, Sagegreenlife is leading the charge for a healthier, more sustainable future.