Can Outdoor Living Walls Survive in Colder Climates?

We receive many questions about whether living green walls have the ability to withstand, survive and look fresh during extreme climates. The answer is yes!

We realized this was missing in the market; other living wall providers were unable to install outdoor walls because plants would freeze without proper insulation. Sagegreenlife living walls can survive and even thrive in northern climates that experience cold winter weather. We set out to create living walls capable of withstanding any exterior climate. We have expert horticulturists and engineers who take into consideration the climate to determine the type of plants and how the design will be implemented. 


outdoor living green wall

We looked at every aspect of the vertical garden system from irrigation methods and different growth media to the individual plants and how they respond to various elements within the overall system. Sagegreenlife living walls are uniquely designed to endure challenging exterior environments, including heat, cold, wind and snow. Our patented Biotile™ system is unique in its ability to insulate dormant plants in the winter maintaining life-protecting moisture for the longevity of plants.

Each Biotile™ is made of recyclable Rockwool, a layered basalt rock fiber with an inert material that will not decay over time. Rockwool’s density insulates plant roots, providing extra protection through the winter months. This allows outdoor plants to survive, even in colder weather. Rockwool is also antimicrobial so no mold or bacteria will grow within it and offers up to 95 percent plant survival rates, giving our living walls a strong advantage over the maintenance requirements of soil-based systems. This combined with our highly efficient irrigation system, which uses 75 percent less water than any other living wall system available, gives Sagegreenlife living walls flexibility above and beyond any other green wall system.

Sagegreenlife patent biotile technology


In addition the advanced Biotile™ technology, our horticulturists select plants that have the ability to grow and thrive in colder conditions. Choosing the right plants is critical to creating a healthy and robust living wall, which is why our plant designers take the time to learn and experiment with different vegetation and climate types to make sure a living wall survives in exterior environments.

We place a priority on selecting plants conducive to the environment in which they are accustomed, which ensures growth and long-term survival. Depending on the hardiness, some plants have the ability to withstand cold temperatures, strong winds and snow. And while plants naturally go dormant in winter, Sagegreenlife provides plants that will look beautiful year round, such as evergreen plants. As their name implies, they stay green all year keeping the living wall looking fresh and just as beautiful as the day that it was installed.  

At Sagegreenlife, we understand that preserving the vibrancy and long life of an outdoor living wall requires ongoing care and attention. After each wall is installed, our field operation teams routinely checks and monitors the entire system to ensure the plants are thriving and the technology is working properly. Our patent technology and experienced team provide customers with living walls for better living in any season.


How It All Took Root: The History of Our Living Wall Technology

“If you can create these beautiful environments anywhere, why wouldn’t you?” This was the thought from Sagegreenlife Founder and CEO, Richard Kincaid, when he was first introduced to the concept of living walls.

plants integrated with wood planks


A business partner had approached him about a European company called Biotecture that was making sustainable living walls with hydroponic technology. Richard immediately saw an opportunity to expand and redefine the biophilic design industry in North America.

In his previous role as president and CEO of Equity Office Properties Trust, Richard saw businesses struggle with designing workplaces that not only encouraged productivity, but also fostered mental wellbeing and physical health among employees. Richard started thinking about the intrinsic benefits of nature and greenery, and how these benefits could extend to a broad range of design possibilities. From there, it was only a matter of time before Sagegreenlife was launched with a singular goal.

Build a better quality of life through living design.

From the beginning, Sagegreenlife has aspired to be a leader in the vertical garden market. The patented and proven system sets us apart from other companies and ensures limitless possibilities for architects, designers and end-users.

Sagegreenlife living green walls combine innovation and enhanced aesthetics to improve air quality, increase energy efficiency and enrich health and wellness in every conceivable space. The low-maintenance technology makes the system a versatile and viable design solution creating a visual impact in offices, hospitals, multi-unit buildings, retail stores, museums, restaurants, hotels, virtually any built environment.

The patented hydroponic technology begins with our modular Biotile™ system of Rockwool, a layered basalt rock fiber. Water, oxygen and nutrients are evenly and continuously distributed, resulting in stronger, healthier and longer-lasting plants that thrive in any climate. Our living walls use 75 percent less water than any other living wall product available today, and the Biotile™ ensures a cleaner and more energy-efficient system with minimal maintenance.


Sagegreenlife patent biotile technology

Sagegreenlife is at the forefront of the green building industry reimagining the way people interact with nature. We are committed to designing healthy, sustainable and beautifully captivating spaces that save on heating and cooling costs as well as conserve water supporting the health of humans and the environment.

Our living green walls enable buildings to earn LEED credits in sound abatement, materials and resources, energy and atmosphere, sustainable sites and innovation in operations. We are excited to be part of the green building movement that is shaping the future of architecture and design.

“We want people to think of Sagegreenlife living walls as not only versatile and beneficial, but as a necessary material to include in all types of projects.”
-Richard Kincaid, Founder and CEO of Sagegreenlife